SKS OpenPGP Keyserver

General Information

Extract a Key

Search for keys:

  • get regular index of matching keys
  • get verbose index of matching keys
  • retrieve ascii-armored keys
  • retrieve keys by full-key hash

Submit a Key

You can submit a key by simply pasting in the ASCII-armored version of your key and clicking on submit.

Usage and More Information

  • hkp:// - GnuPG keyserver option
    • --keyserver hkp:// on the command line or keyserver hkp:// in your gpg.conf file.
  • hkps:// - GnuPG keyserver option
    • You must have gnupg version 1.4.10 or later to support hkps.
    • You must use the option keyserver-options ca-cert-file=GlobalSign Root CA Certificate. (Fill in the appropriate path to the root certificate.)
    • --keyserver hkps:// --keyserver-options ca-cert-file=GlobalSign Root CA Certificate on the command line or keyserver hkps:// and keyserver-options ca-cert-file=GlobalSign Root CA Certificate in your gpg.conf file.
    • The hkps port will most likely use a self-signed certificate in the near future.
  • sks-keyserver - The SKS distributed OpenPGP keyserver.